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Re: Traction as conversative therapy

Originally Posted by SKZ View Post
Oh my God, YES, that is too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
It took me weeks to get to 15 lbs. I started out like at 3 lbs. and stayed there for 5 mins. The then next day maybe 4 lbs. I am sorry, but you need to tell her to slow down. I mentioned that same thing happened to me. It took me a week to recuperate. That is absolutely not cool. I hate to be negative, but that really makes me mad that you had to go thru that, unnecessarily. 15 lbs. was my ultimate goal, which took me about a month to get to.
THANK YOU! I have such a "I can do it" attitude in general that when something does happen, I can't always figure out if it was too much too soon or if I'm just being a baby. It's so good to know that I don't have to be She-RA, queen of the amazons here. I thought maybe walking on the treadmill did it to me, but I've even slowed down the pace I walk at. One of my goals is to get better, but also keep some of the things in my life that mean a lot to me, like my exercise routine w/the treadmill, etc. I would hate to give that up, I've given up so much already.

I'm a little better today. Woke up stiff and sore, but it's worked itself out mostly throughout the morning. I have much, much less pain today than I did last night. Some minor shoulder pain lingers and intermittent numbness returned to left hand today. Although I slept through the night, I can tell I didn't get that deep sleep time we all need, cause I'm soooo tired today and that's not like me. I was so miserable last night I didn't even care who got voted off American Idol! LOL. Thanks so much for the info.