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Spasms and not wearing a collar

Do you all think that people get more spasms when they don't wear a collar? I havent worn one (I am 7 weeks)....and I have bad spasms. I wasnt doing too poorly until last weekend, when I totally over-did the sitting. OY. Fri. night I watched a DVD, Sat. night I watch 2 DVDs, and Sunday...sat for many hours at my ladies party (for my belated birthday) and then went shopping, cooked chili and watch the Oscar on my butt for 4 hours. Now I am totally suffering for it like you wouldnt believe. I am sitting here typing with a hot pack around my neck. I actually bought a small hydrocollator because before surgery I had bad spasms for 5 yrs. I am really scared I am stuck in spasm because that is all my body knows now. TO GUARD MY NECK. I am wondering if people that wear a collar get less spasms.

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