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Wink Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar

I do not think sitting has anything to do with it. I think sitting poorly has a everything to do with it. I wore an Aspen collar for 3 wks and i went back to work light, duty sitting after 3 wks sitting for 9 hrs a day.

You sound a lot like me as far as researching and buying what you need to have your own tools. First thing I did was replace my chair at work with a proper "task" chair. I went through 3 P/Ts post surgery and now that I know how to sit I do not spasm (much), in fact it is rare.

At home, when reading at a table a book or newspaperI pl**** it ontop of 2 phonebooks. If I am in recliner reading, item I am reading is on 3 pillows and so are elbows. In fact I am at my office now and I have my monitor on 2 yellow pages so i do not have to look down. Cooking at home....Cutting board is on 2 phone books. Ok I am tall maybe you need 1 phone book!

P/T emphasized proper posturing and chin tucks. I had a tendency to poke my neck forward (I call it the turtle) and i was totally unaware I was doing this. Lord knows how long I did this or maybe its just post-op but anyway its
BAD! and shoulder pinching bringing your shoulders back 30x 3 x aday has really helped. I am not taking any medications for spasms.

I have been shopping for my perfect contemporary recliner and found it...It is a joy and wonder in everyway and it is 45" tall perfect for neck support. Easy to recline and sleek leather design. Unfortunately the manufacturer is very proud of it and right now it is not in the budget. But I know at some point I will have this chair (power of positive thought) and sitting will really be bliss!