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Re: Meds prescribed following cervical acdf

I took Celebrex (an NSAID like Ibuprofen) for arthritis regularly before my ACDF. My neursurgeon told me not to take it post-surgery for at least 2 weeks. I asked him at my 3 week post op appt if I should resume taking it and he replied that the longer I can avoid taking it until the 6 week point, the better. His explanation was that as an anti-inflammatory it would reduce the swelling and pain in my throat, but it is that same inflamation that helps to promote fusion in the first 6 weeks, which is a bigger priority.

Unless someone here has reviewed the research to know to what extent it slows down fusion, if at all, it is unlikey that anyone here would feel it appropriate to advise you either to ignore, or to follow for that matter, your neurosurgeon's prescription.

Would you feel comfortable calling her office and asking her about it?

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