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Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???

I admit, that I was one of the ones that were angered by his opinion as soon as I read the first Chapter. He mentioned that this would be a common response for many that read his book. That is why I decided to read it entirely before I formed my opinion.

I agree with both of you that although there is a Mind & Body connection, I think that stuctural problems ARE the source of pain for many. But many have complained of pain AFTER the fact of a herniation/malformation was mentioned/highlighted by the healthcare professional.
There are some people out there that are feeling some emotional problem in a body part. It makes sense that a person who internalizes their problems and fears, has to put that energy the body stores it in the back, neck, stomach, or head. I did like that Dr. Sarna noticed that people who have a back/neck problem usually almost ALWAYS have the following other diagnosis: heartburn, Migraine/tension/sinus headaches, Hayfever, IBS, Fibromialgia. He also noticed that people with BACK/Neck problems are almost ALWAYS TYPE A personalities. It's interetsing....but I would not say he is 100% correct.

For myself, I have always been a "told you so" patient after my MRI results are in. My areas of pain have been desribed as such prior to any findings. So, I don't think I could make this pain I feel go away with positive thinking. However, there is a connection when I am stressed....the pain gets a lot alot worse when I am stressed. I do internalize, and I would be considered TYPE A personality.

It's like the famous question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? It's an innate response. I know that when I see a child fall down, I've been taught not to look scared/anxious, because the child will react to your expression about the fall. So, if you smile, they almost never notice that they just hurt themselves. But if you look scared, they cry about the injury. When the doctor looks at me and says, "Your back does not look good for your age"....I hurt at that same moment.....both inside and out. Soooo, who knows.
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