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Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???

What cas just mentioned reminded me of a conversation I had with a physician a while back.....and also demonstrates how different people respond differently to pain. The Dr. happens to be a radiologist and had reflected that sometimes when he is interpreting an MRI, CT, or x-ray for a complaint completely unrelated to the spine he cannot help but recognize deformaties, serious herniations, severe stenosis and other maladies of the spine that would suggest by medical standards the individual should be in extreme pain. At times he said he cannot restrain from asking some individuals if they were in any pain which would be related to what he sees. Inevitably the patients say no.......of course he asks tactfully and completely avoids any power of suggestion. We were actually having a conversation about the mind/body connection and for me this is a really good example of how medicine cannot give us all the answers. I know I forgot all about my aching leg when I was watching Little Miss Sunshine!