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Could i be pregnant

ok well im like really scared and nervous right now and only because well my boyfriend slept over this week and we had sex for the first time so he was my first and we didnt use a condom and well it didnt even last for like 10seconds and we've been dating for 9months but n e ways befor we ever had sex i would just give him hand jobs and what i realized is that he never everrr ejaculated only if lotion was used but the only reason i brought that up is because im thinking then i shouldnt be pregnant right ?
because he never ejaculates because he tolled me he had this problem were it takes him forever to actually ejaculate and he pulled out right away because he didnt want anything to happen and neither did i so he didnt ejaculate inside me but it still makes me nervous becasue it was my first time and im really worried because i just ended my period on Feb,26 and we had sex on march 3, today, and now i wont get my period till like the 23rd of march so i wont know anything and im not on any kind of pill or anything like that and my boyfriend told me that he didnt because he would know, and like now my stomach feels like its in nots and eveything and i dont kno if thats from me being nervous or anything or something else.
do you think i could be pregnant ?
by the way i .... had sex for the first time.
IM so nervous and really scared im not going to have sex for a long longgg time now.

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