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Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???

I have not read the book. But yes, it all rings true, as a believer in mind and body, the moment I received my Spondylosthesis diagnosis I felt relieved to know there was something structural but it gave me the strength and determination to work with my body to attempt a cure. I believe that one can heal onself, along with "The Secret" and ideas that has brought up. Focus on the positive, seeing my body in a healthy state. We all know that our bodies begin to degernate after 40 and issues may become evident. I believe it is all in how you handle it. Though I read alot of serious ailments and proceedures that were necessary, on these boards, it gives me hope that I may be able to avoid some of the meds, surgeries and giving into the pain. Of course there are levels of ailments and those that must go the way of modern medicine, and Thank God it is there to provide the releif for them.

As others have said, I am in investment real estate and have a tremendously high pressure job...I fit into that Type A category, no doubt. And I do find that when I'm stressed, which is often, my back really acts up. The more stressed I get, the less mobility I have and the more pain...if that's not a connection I don't know what is. I've taken to listening to non-fiction books on CD (a real escape), walking more often and literally working with my diagnosis iin all positive fashions...Things like strengthening my core, relaxing and letting go...all help.

I believe that back pain is associated with fear. Perhaps of failing, or even of succeeding and/or merely stress related. Though no disrespect is intended to those with serious injuries. I am sure that connecting to ones healing can improve anyones situation, in terms of lessening pain meds, facing their diagnosis, moving for a positive cure or outcome and taking responsibility for ones body and spiritual position therein. Sometimes even changing ones lifes circumstances, like job, relationship, family difficulties and relieve one's pain. Pain in the body can be a metaphor for pain in life.

Thanks for bringing it up and reminding me to stay positive