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Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???

I thought everyone's responses were wonderful...and like me, ANYONE reading this right now....YOU should try reading all the posts together. You get a feeling of collective positivity from all that posted on this subject. This is a positive post...I am happy to report

I know that so many times, we are in severe pain, or feeling misunderstood, or worse than that...desperate to have that continuous pain go away for but a moment. God gave us these issues to deal with. My sister always tells me, "God only gives you what HE thinks you can handle". I think that I have handled a lot by sweeping the problems under the rug...THUS, ending up with many physical aliments (GERD, Hernia, Headaches, Allergies, My back). It really takes some time and effort to retrain yourself so that you can see that silver lining with each gray cloud. I'm trying....Lord knows, I am trying!!!

I don't think ONLY positive thoughts can get you to where you dream to be...but I can admit that staying / feeling positive is an energy source that we (CP's) should tap into more frequently. FYI....I know I am preaching to the chior here, as well as I need to take my own advice.

Hey sounds like you were a great rolemodel for your daughter, and she sounds like she has one healthy & unbreakable spirit. Cheers to her and You for those great qualities. the positive vibes I get from you. I remember seeong your name on another post I wrote.

Amy...I'm sending positive vibes over to your UPS'll get The Secret in no time at all!!!

Yvette....been there. I'll be honest, the first week I came home after my fusion, my best friend came to visit me. As soon as she came in, I started to wasn't the pain. I explained to her, "I don't think I was emotionally ready for this". BUT I was back on top the very next week. It's tough...and there might be a weak moment you might have to get through. But the good news, is that Ive read youre posts , and you will be more than fine. Good health to ya hon!!!
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