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Re: Jealous girlfriend

Your g/f is not a stupid woman, she is very aware of your feelings. My ex did the very same thing, you know what happened? He dumped me to be with this "amazing" girl. You know what happened atfter? He came back a week later.... she didnt seem that amazing anymore, so we tryed to work things out, but I ended up leaving him a few days after b/c if he would dump me once for another woman, he would do it again. I ddint trust him anymore.

Now to the advice, it sounds like you want to stay with your g/f. Now ask yourself, do you love her as "in love," or love her like a friend. This other girl, it could be just infactuation. Or what I have heard from others, she reminds you of something you and your g/f had before but not at the present time, or the way she used to be. Its possible you want more from your current relationship and this girl is portraying what you want. Maybe your just not happy with your relationship. Have you both ever considered sitting down and talk about your needs and wants in this relationship, since the both of you have been dating for 2 years, there had to be something to bring the both of you together, whether it was a hobby, same taste in movies or music, books, tv shows, clothes, etc. My current b/f and I are opposites, he loves acting does modeling, etc. I like to be at home and i'm pursuing a degree in psychology. He is a business man, i'm more of the care giver. He is mean more than half of the time with people, I'm very nice. He is modern, I am a traditionalist. What brought us together? We both had an interest in martial arts, and we decided we were soul mates when we both found out we knew about an old cartoon show nobody seems to remember it existed. You can be very different from each other but find little things here and there for connections and fall madly in love. All the time you are spending with this other woman could be time for you and your g/f to reconnect and work your problems out to make the relationship work.

In some cases, it could be that you need your time to grow and so does she and it would be better if you both were single to get your prioritys straight and realize what exacty you want in life and in your relationships.