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Re: Anxiety ALL the time :(

Please please please relax. When I first started with my anxiety attacks I had hit my head on my car door and got a bump....oh my god I thought I had a brain cancer, brain tumors, you name it. I did the same thing on researching everything. In the very beginning I even thought I had some sort of neurological disorder, like mini siezures in my head. From what the doctors told me it is very common to think something is wrong with our brains when anxiety starts.

You really should get a physician, but not a GP, I would try to find a psychologist, at least from my experience. My GP would listen but it was always rushed because of time constraints, and with a counselor it was more one on one and you had the time.

I assure you there IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR BRAIN. You need to get help ASAP because if you don't this is going to become more crippling than what it is now and you don't want even said so yourself.

Another thing, I'm not sure where you live, but if you live near an University sometimes they like people like ourselves to come in and these use experimental techniques on them....Just a thought.

Hope you find your way and calming your fears.....