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Re: What is considered a large ovarian cyst?


My Dr. would consider 2.5 cm small also. I've had numerous cysts, and most have been between 1 and 2 cm. I never have any symptoms. They were found when I had a sonogram for irregular bleeding. Mine have always gone away, and only sometimes I feel a twinge of pain - usually near ovulation time.
I'm thinking that - yes - you could have pain from this cyst, but also, it could be from something else - such as endometriosis - especially since you have some pain and/or discomfort all of the time.
Unfortunatly, endo can't be seen on an ultrasound. The Dr. would have to do surgery to see it, and could possibly remove it at the same time.

Are you going to have the cyst checked again? Most Dr's will do a follow up in 4-6 weeks to see if it's gone. If it's gone, and your still having pain, then it could be something like endometriosis.

Good Luck.