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Re: pain pump or spine nerve block stimulator????????????

Hi There,
First, QUIT SMOKING!!! I used to be a Yoga Instructor who smoked! Isn't that AWFUL! So, I know it is possible to do stuff with smoking, but who cares, it is going to catch up and kill you one of these days, and you won't have to worry about your back!
Lecture over I hear ex-smokers are the worse!
I had a Morphine Pain pump implanted on Dec. 4, 2006. SO it is over 3 months old now. It is the BEST things I ever did. I too have little kids. Before the surgery I was taking 240 mg. of Oxycontin a day, 80mg's 3x's a day. Plus I took 200 mg. Norco a day with it. Plus I laid down all day because all of that medication did not begin to touch the pain I was in! Plus I was like a crazy woman. I was irriatable, tired, sluggish, confused, and not a great Wife or Mother.
I had a fusion at L5S1, unlike yours, mine did not help, just cause more pain. It took me two years of this pain, and trying every other post surgery I could try before getting this pump, but I wished I would have got it sooner. It is truly the best thing ever.
It took them awhile to get the programming correct, like 6 office visits! Plus, besides Morphine, I have baclofen and clondine in it too.
But NO MORE ORAL MEDS!!! And I can wear high heel shoes and I feel like a new woman.
Hope this helps some.


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