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Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

I saw in another thread that Dr. Bransfield is a psych doctor in Red Bank. Is he a psychologist/psychiatrist who specializes in Lyme patients or is he an LLMD?

I sure could use some professional mental assistance. I'm losing it b-i-g time.

(Thanks to jojo. You posted and asked how I was, which made me realize I'm close to basket case and it was time for me to get some help for my head.)

Thoughts of suicide, not bathing, not caring about going to see Dr. E again, trying to parent while I sit in bed 24/7, trying to drink & smoke myself to death, etc.

Anyone else seek mental help to deal with Lyme?

So, is Dr. B a psych? Does anyone know of a good mental professional who specializes in Lyme patients and/or patients with long term illness?

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