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Please help! Difference in parenting....

My S/O and I have not had our child yet, but we are having some major problems when we discuss our parenting objectives. I am by no means a tradtional person, but I do believe in traditional values and morals being taught within the home. My s/o likes to go out and drink, and have a good time, and before I was pregnant, we always went out together. Now, I am advising him that I do NOT want any alcohol in the home. Special occasions are a different story, but sitting down and having a few beers with dinner or in the evening is unacceptable to me. He thinks that I am making a huge deal out of this, and it has been causing many fights.

I just want my son to grow up in loving home, that doesn't involve alcohol. My mother even thinks I am going a bit overboard. I feel like I dont want to expose my son to anything that he doesn't have to be. I don't think it would be putting the right image in his head. Am I being way too over-protective? This is my first child, but I don't want him to have to grow up in a home that condones any type of destructive behavior.

I really need help in resolving this before our son gets here, I am afraid that it may ruin our relationship!!!

Thanks in advance!!

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