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Re: ACDF Pain worse later part of day?

Hello `Ro
Hang in there - there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have had 2 ACDFs to fuse C4/5/6/7 - and have been what you are going through. A couple of thoughts for you -

After my second ACDF, I had some pain that lasted, and was taking pain meds for about 20 months. Part of that was good, as it let me get back to work and my life, which is an important part of healing. However, taking them too long has a downside - after enough time you can become dependent on them, and that causes a whole other set of problems to sort through. I'm speaking from experience, here.

I found that I have had to learn a new 'normal' for me - not that it's better or worse than before, just different. My experience is (even now, with the last ACDF two years behind me) that I have some pain from time to time, and it gets worse if I let myself get too tired, or too stressed. You are just beginning your path to recovery, so give yourself time, and try to find some ways to rest and relax when you experience pain, like you are late in the day. I think you can expect continued improvement, you are not so very far past your operation. When you find the pain is increasing, try to find something to rest and relax, and see if that helps get you through this. For me it is sometimes going for a walk, and sometimes leaving work early or taking a day off to rest. The important thing is to learn to go with the flow, and don't get discouraged.

You still have every reason to think you can get back to pain free - but maybe try looking for simple lifetstyle changes that work for you, to help you on this journey! And by all means discuss the pain with your Dr., and if you find yourself getting too discouraged or depressed, seek some help to find ways to control the pain meds you have to take. You can get through this, don't let it get you down.

Best luck!