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Re: My Suggestions For Anxiety, Panic and Obsessive Thoughts

I just ordered the book "wherever you go, there you are" from ****** since you said it helped you out alot steve. I would rather take the approach that you have taken and not turn to medication rather focus on meditation and being in the moment. I really think that even if I wasn't having these anxiety problems this is something I really need in my life. I need to be able to live my life in the moment because I generally worry too much about things and how they are going to work out for me. I am still in college so though this is one of the funnest times of my life it is getting closer and closer to the real world for me and honestly my worrying is just taking away from the fun I am supposed to be having right now. I just worry about things that I cannot control in my life and it is just hard on me. I just need to live in the moment as best I can. I know this won't be easy but I'll keep yall posted on my progress thanks for the help.