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Re: I'm BACK! ACDF C5C6C7 didnt WORK!!!

so sorry ronzorz that you didn't fuse. I did 2 sx C4-6 then C6-7 added 2nd time. I fused, but still have lingering pain and new problems. The good news is that it is better than it used to be, but now 1 year out from surgery #2, having only pain around 4-5 that peaks at 7-8 sometimes, is better than before. I can hold off on 3rd surgery because I fused, but it is out there in my future.

I know you must not be looking forward to this surgery, but hopefully this will do the trick and give you more relief. The advice I give is that it may take many months to get where you want, be patient, and go very slowly and gradually add activity this time. Will you wear a collar?