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Re: how long is your cycle?

I dont think that your abnormal... Every girl is different...!

As for myself, i use to be 54 day cycke then i got on birthcontrol pills and then my cycle was exactly 28 days.....

As soon as i got off B/c ( since i only took it to regulate my period) My period cycle changed to 32 days...

I've been on this cycle since Nov of 06 and now apparently it's changing maybe to the old irregular cycle of 54 days...

Af was due March 15.... and still No show, I thought that i could be Pg but i took 2 test and they came out negative.... so i'm not keeping the thought that im pregnant in my head... but i might be since i heard that some show BFN until they reach about 7 weeks or 2 missed af.... so lets see.

Do you have any suggestions?
I got Diagnosed with Anovulation! I'm 22 Years old.
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