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Do as I say and not as I do

I believe that no matter what we tell our kids to do or not do they follow our lead. I don't know how many times my S.I.L. has told her kids "Don't do this or that" and they say "Why not you did it"! My M.I.L. made me mad this weekend and I wasn't the only one. She had the nerve to lecture everyone in the room about yelling at my S.I.L.'s youngest child and than turned around and yelled at the kid herself and even pushed him out of her way at one time. I thought, she's got the nerve acting like she's innocent of all crimes. She underminds her daughter's parenting by overriding her word when my S.I.L. tells her son No. I have a big problem with that and I know she will probably do that to me with my son. I know Grandmother's get to spoil their kids and be the fun ones and sneak them candy and such, but she does it just to keep control of things. As she pointed her guilty finger around the room at us I wanted so much to say something, as did everyone else but no one dared. Did we have the right too? Also does anyone have any ideas about how to handle my S.I.L.'s youngest child so my M.I.L can't say we are yelling? My S.I.L is a loud person normally and he doesn't seem to responded to anything other than yelling. We tried to sit him down and talk normally and he practically laughs in your face!

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