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Re: Lupus w/o + ANA?

This sounds like me as well. I have had a positive ANA in the past, twice, but it's not positive now,,,, but now I have all the joint pain, IBS, low white blood count, have had protein in my urine a couple of times, but no rashes per say, and all other "Lupus" panel tests (except the high thyroid peroxidase antibodies) are normal, so I'm wondering if it's Lupus, bot I don't think anyone is going to diagnose it until my ANA is positive or I get a rash!! Soooo, I just keep feeling like crap,,,,,YEAHHHHH aren't I the lucky one..... This whole depression thing is a bunch of malarchy too, they want to blame anything that doesn't fit into their box on depression,,,,,, I'M NOT DEPRESSED!!! I know what depression feels like, and this ain't it! Hang in there, it sounds like there are a lot of us out there!!! It would be nice if someone would actually figure it all out, that is what we are paying them for, right???