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Re: Broken ribs/back after seizure?

I've had 8 G.M. seizures while sleeping because of sleep apnea (and an unexplained seizure disorder) since Oct. '01. After all of them I ache all over for about a week, arms and thighs the most. I usually bite my tongue, and have short term memory trouble... Luckily, no headaches.
Sixteen months ago was #6. I hurt both rotator cuffs... the ligaments and/or muscles in my upper arms were torn or damaged. Surgery was not advised. I lost range of motion of both arms. They still hurt, and aren't as strong as they once were.
I don't know what happened during the seizure since I was alone, but I didn't fall out of bed. I didn't think seizures could do this kind of damage.
I also wondered if age had something to do with the damaged muscles (I'm now 51), but the doc said no. The more in-shape you are, the more damage your muscles can do.

So, if your back pain bothers you... get it checked out.