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Re: Broken ribs/back after seizure?

Originally Posted by IMNRVUS View Post
I've had 8 G.M. seizures while sleeping because of sleep apnea (and an unexplained seizure disorder) since Oct. '01. After all of them I ache all over for about a week, arms and thighs the most. I usually bite my tongue, and have short term memory trouble... Luckily, no headaches.
Sixteen months ago was #6. I hurt both rotator cuffs... the ligaments and/or muscles in my upper arms were torn or damaged. Surgery was not advised. I lost range of motion of both arms. They still hurt, and aren't as strong as they once were.
I don't know what happened during the seizure since I was alone, but I didn't fall out of bed. I didn't think seizures could do this kind of damage.
I also wondered if age had something to do with the damaged muscles (I'm now 51), but the doc said no. The more in-shape you are, the more damage your muscles can do.

So, if your back pain bothers you... get it checked out.
First, thank you to all who reply and share thoughts. IMNRVUS, you and I have a couple things in common. My seizures almost always occur during sleep -and- they are idiopathic. I haven't heard of a sleep apnea/seizure connection yet, however I it's obvious I have some research to do. Honestly, since it had been 14 years since my last seizure, I think I just stopped thinking about it much. Also will see my doc for an x-ray at least. I wish you, and all, good health.