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Re: Introducing Myself & My Acid Reflux Problems!

Hi Scwa,

You need to figure out what foods trigger your reflux and stay away from them. Dairy doesn't seem to bother me but I know it does for a lot of other people. But what you really need to do is change your lifestyle completely. Eat healthy, exercise, stop smoking. I know you know that already but don't do what I did for around 10 years, take my meds and eat healthy until my symptoms improve, then go back to my old lifestyle and suffer again for awhile and keep doing this back and forth. I now have Barrett's esophagus and if you think you get stressed thinking you may have something wrong just wait until a medical test confirms you actually DO have something. You will think 24hrs a day, why the F# didn't I take care of myself? While some may need surgery or maybe never get rid of it, the VAST majority people can control acid reflux with meds and diet/lifestyle changes. For me, I didn't even really need the meds at first. Just eating healthy alone got rid of my symptoms. If I had done that consistently, I doubt if I would be where I am now. You know what to do, do it. Good luck.