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Re: Introducing Myself & My Acid Reflux Problems!

Hey- Your post is so familiar to me that I almost thought I wrote it! I am 33 y/o female having about the same probs as you!

I suffered postpardom anxiety after my daughter was born in Nov 2003 and have had probs with anxiety-mostly health related-ever since. I started taking Effexor which helped my anxiety a lot, but the acid reflux (I have LPR) is still haunting me. I take Nexium 40mg/day, but some days it doesn't help. I get the same throat feelings as you describe and it is scary thinking there is something else going on there. I had a gastroscopy back 2 years ago and the doc said their was some damage in my esophogus, but I just had my recall procedure this past Monday and he said it looks like it cleared up, but that my stomach is really inflammed from the acid. So he took some biopsys and said he would call within a week, so of course I have to sweat out the weekend wondering what the hell it is!

Anyway I hope you get some relief here. Sometimes just knowing that other people feel the same way as you relaxes your mind a bit - for me anyway.