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HEAT...short term relief..long term pain???

I'm not talking about the weather. I'm talking about things like hot tubs ,saunas, steam rooms ,heating pads etc. Our problem is inflamation right? I know mine is. So it wouldn't make sense to apply heat to our bodies. Granted it does feel good while you are doing it. I love to sit in a jaccuzi. But it seems to me that it would only aggravate our condition in the long run. The reason I am bringing this up is because yesterday I went to our local spa and used their infrared sauna for the first time. It's pretty neat actually. You lay on a table and pull a cylander shaped device over you. Your head stays out. Then it heats up ,and you lay there and relax and sweat. I love to sweat. I think it's pretty beneficial,and because I don't get to work out like I used to where I would work up a good sweat,this sounded like a good thing. It felt great. Then I went into their eucalyptus steam room. Fabulous!!!! BUT..about an hour after I got home I was in worst pain i've been in yet . And today I'm still not feeling so hot. So what I'm wondering all this heat actually doing us more harm than good ? Seems to me it would be better to drug us and wrap us in an ice blanket for awhile..LOL! I'm seeing the rheumatologist on Tues ,and i'm going to run this by her.

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