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Re: HEAT...short term relief..long term pain???

I don't like the cold either ..that's why they would have to drug me first!
My chiropracter kept telling me to apply ice packs to certain areas after she was done working on me ,but I just couldn't do it.
I guess I ;m just confused. The literature said that this infrared sauna was beneficial for chronic fatigue and FMS . So when I actually felt worse afterwards it got me thinking about heat vs. cold ...and how cold should be used for inflamation. I have lots of muscle pain. Tendinitis in both arms ,back muscles always tight and sore to the touch, shoulder pain, pain in my hands, hip pain, etc. But actually I'm not too bad in the fatigue area. I don't sleep well because I can't get comfortable...but I can make it through my day okay.I can still do normal household chores and gardening etc. I just have the chronic muscle/tendon inflamation thing going on. The thing is ...I haven't been formally diagnosed with FMS. Maybe that's NOT what I have. A few Dr's have suggested it ,and also I have tested negative in the past for lupus and RA, but I know that sometimes those negative results can be wrong. I will be seeing the rheumatologist for the first time on Tues hopefully she will help me get some answers.
Elmhar are always very knowledgable ,and I appreciate all your input.
thanks, Kat

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