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Re: getting sick of "it will get better"

I made a recent post with no intention of ever writing again…until I read you.

Sadly many people avoid the grieved out of embarrassment. I am sure you’re aware there is an abundance of help so talking with your general practitioner is an excellent start.

In the meanwhile…

The pain in losing someone is real and very great indeed. Time probably does not heal anything but I am absolutely certain that it does make the pain more tolerable, but its difficult know how long it will take. I can only offer my understanding and willingness to listen to whatever you pour onto these pages and I encourage you to do just that. I am listening.

I am of the distinct opinion that when someone dies they don’t just disappear from life. To live in the hearts of others, even if it is only you, is not to die at all.

We live in world that can fundamentally change in the very next moment; but what we leave behind, our memory, does not have to go away simply because we do. Perhaps among life’s most valuable lessons is to learn not to waste a single opportunity to plant a memory in the heart of another. We should remember that a man who keeps his hands inside his pockets can never shake the hand of another and I regret to admit my hands are in my pockets far too often.

“I’ll meet you ‘round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend…”

I wish you well this day. Until again, I am listening…