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Re: getting sick of "it will get better"


I am so sory for the loss of your loved one and I know the pain your going through. but everybody greifs differently and it doesn't have a time frame on it neither. All we can do is tkae it one day at a time and hope that it gets better. My Mom's one year anniversary is coming up 3-28-07 and she died in my arms also. thats something I will neverforget, but thats the way I wanted it too. We miss our loved ones terribly, but we will see them again someday.

I am also on medications to help me with my nerves, sleeping and depression but I promise you that in time you will see that it will get better. But you have got to try and get your mind on other things also or it will run you crazy and I am not saying that in a bad way. I've been down that road myself, so just try and take it one day at the time and take care of your self too!

God Bless