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Angry any help for ice pick scars??????

I know this topic is redundant, but I am so frustrated right now. I have to accept that these scars are never going to go away and just get them out of my mind!

They just make my complexion so ruddy and some times I get so down about this.

What can I do about these scars? They are medium in depth. Retin-A-micro seems to hide them a little bit but then it makes my face all dry and flaky and I can't wear make-up.

Do you know of what surgery can help this? I don't really know what excision is but it sounds scary.. also I have a lot and I don't know if they are severe enough for that. I think the only thing to do would be to do a deep CO2 laser on my cheeks but I'm worried about all the side-effects.

I'm 19 and really willing to take the chances to undergo a more serious operation. So much of my thoughts and energy are consumed in angst about my complexion, about what my future WOULD have been like had I prevented this from happening. For whatever disfunctional reasons, these scars prevent me from participating in youthful activities and make my future look very bleak.

Any suggestions about ways to reduce these horrible scars would be much appreciated!!!!! Especially about lasers, etc.

Also, this is my first long rant. Thanks for reading.

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