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Thanks for caring.. Yeah, scars suck and I'm still in the process of accepting them. My friends try to be nice and pretend like they don't exist, but they don't realize that the pain my complexion causes me can be intolerable.

I have a question about TCA peels as a treatment for ice pick scars. I came across a thread on an Acne site about how a TCA is a promising treatment for ice pick scars. It is performed by a Dr. Rappaport in NJ who seems to push the TCA into the scar (I dont know all the details) but a linked article about it made it look really promising, and it is filled with before/after photos that are some of the best I've seen.

Have any of you heard about this? (It seems that when TCA peels are mentioned on this board, they are categorized as similar to mild glycolic acid peels)

Also, I've done a lot of microdermabrasion and I've concluded that it is definitely not strong enough to penetrate these scars. It does help keep the zits away though..

I'm going home from college next week and I'm going to set up some consultations with different doctors. I want to know what the next step up from microdermabrasion is to irradicate scarring. Glycolic acid peels? Smoothbeam?

Its sad that I'm not a strong enough person to accept my fate, but oh well, I'm going to keep trying..

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