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re: Sphincteroplasty Surgery

Kelley, I was wondering if you had started back to work. Good luck tomorrow. I hope you will not be too worn out. My mental outlook is improved, but the wound opening has increased my pain, so I am back to taking Darvocet about twice daily. My diet is currently a regular diet, plus fiber supplement (Benefiber) in the morning. I am having very frequent, unformed stools, so I am NOT taking stool softeners. I will return to those if my bms ever firm up or begin to get hard. My bm pattern right now is nothing like what it was before, and I hope it will not stay like this. I was NPO for 4 days and on a liquid diet for 3-4 days, followed by just a couple of days of "soft, bland" diet. I believe that Kelley had a different progression with her diet and will be in a better position to give us info about any long term modifications she will need to continue. My understanding is that, following wound recovery and a return to "normal" bms, the right diet will contain ~25 gm fiber daily. Kelley, I tried the FiberOne bars before surgery-not my favorite but tolerable, and good for 9-10 gm fiber! Thanks for the tip. Edamane peas are another good source of fiber. JJ