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re: Sphincteroplasty Surgery

Lisa and JJ,

My diet following surgery was a clear liquid (broth, tea, juice, water, jello, italian ice--YUK!!) for 2 1/2 weeks, then a full liquid for a week (creamy soups, oatmeal, applesauce, pudding BETTER!) then a high fiber regular diet. I take Benefiber everyday. I used to take 1 tsp twice daily, but found I was missing and becoming non-compliant on my evening dose, so now I take 2 tsps every morning. I also drink a cup of coffee in the morning with my fiber and have had only 1 Bm everyday now first thing in the morning since starting this routine. We will all probably need to be on a fiber supplement for the rest of our lives. I am actually more regulated and feel better since taking it. I eat a lot of veggies, fruit, and pretty much anything I want to now. I have good soft formed Bm's with this. The only issue I have since my surgery is flat, ribbon like stools that come in a lot of pieces (sorry for the graphic mental picture) When I told my doctor, he said I will probably always have stools that look like this because that is the shape of my "outlet" now since surgery (I love that term! I am not overly concerned. I just wondered if they would ever bulk up more because they are relatively small (nickel sized in diameter) My only other complaint is that my "hole" for lack of any other term is still not closed! Every time I get the mirror, I think it will be all healed, and it seems to be stalled in the process. My dr. said it just keeps ripping open when I walk so it is taking a long time. It is only the outer skin layer left--Oh well, if that is all I have to deal with that's ok. Hope everyone is well.

Lisa, the main thing with the diet is to go slow and be careful in the beginning. The pain pills constipate you, and after being without regular food for so long, it takes your bowels a while to "wake up" and get regulated properly, I had 3 episodes of slight uncomfortable impactions in the first couple weeks, but have been fine since. I was not very good with my diet yesterday and went and found I bled a little. It is a life-long change for us, but one that is well worth it!


I know your stools are soft and have been loose, but how is your control? Are you seing any difference yet? I think around 4 weeks, I started to see a real improvement.
Take care everyone,