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Re: Are your doctors missing something???

I'm not getting enough sleep because my husband is a horrible snorer (I told you about this in the SD forum), as well as my dog's allergies causing her to scratch so much it can be "awakening".

I fear my husband has sleep apnea, but I don't think I do.

Can just plain "not enough sleep" for any reason aggravate excessive acid reflux?

I have to say, that we were married for about 7 months when the alleged "GERD" suddenly struck - constant burping for 2 days that made me feel horrible, accompanied by slow deliberate hiccups. Anyway, I was disturbed constantly by husband's snoring for those 7 months, sometimes even then leaving the room. I read about sleep apnea and 1 of the recommendations for snoring was to raise the head of the bed. So I already HAD my bed-head raised 6" when the GERD struck!

The latter seemed to help but it sure hasn't stopped the snoring altogether.

But, here I am, 22 mos later, and all that time I rarely have gotten more than 5 hrs straight sleep. More often it is hard to get to sleep until 12:30 or so, then awakened about 4 am, then of course again after 6 several times. Usually I can ID all the disruptions as husband, and sometimes dog.

(Periodically, before we married, my dog would go through horrible bouts with her allergies where her ears were so bad she would deliberately wake me up hoping for me to help! But generally, the dog is only periodically bothersome.)