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Re: Are your doctors missing something???

Yes, Ol'Line Rebel, I remember you posting on the SD forum.

I don't know if just plain lack of sleep can aggravate acid reflux. I do know that many people have acid reflux at night and are not aware of it. Sleep centers are now becoming aware of this problem and have ways of testing for it during a sleep study (altho my sleep center did not).

I had no reason to suspect I had sleep was a family member who told me that I gasped and stopped breathing for periods of a time while I slept. Although I saw my physician annually for a check up, I did not tell my doctor about my gasping or breathing problems at night, and the symptoms that I had reported to my doctors (one being acid reflux) went unrecognized . Five years later I was still sleeping "light" and blaming everything for it--back pain, shoulder pain, stomach acid, diet, my critters, the am newspaper carrier, stress, drinking too much milk/water/coffee/soda, etc. I finally asked to see a sleep specialist and was diagnosed with apnea. Now that I'm sleeping with my little machine, my aches and pains, my diet, my critters, the am newspaper carrier, stress, and liquids do not interfer with my sleep!

I'm telling you this because you may have a sleeping disorder without realizing it. You might want to learn more about sleep apnea to see if the symptoms apply to you.


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