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Re: Surgery vs. Watchful Waiting.

Check out my posts. I had same odds and I am as young as you. I came out of surgery this past Oct. (2 level fusion donor bone and plate) with a paralysed vocal cord which has HUGE reprecussions.
Speaking, breathing, swallowing.

I was readmiited to hospital 2 days after surgery because I thought I was having chest pain (nope, just couldnt breathe) and then had complications from 2nd hospital admission.

Have had 2 vocal cord proceedures and I am still not out of the woods.

Before you all say I went to a quack Dr, I had top NS in top hospital.

So in hindsight I would never have this surgery unless I couldnt walk.

I work with a man who had artidicial disk replacement lower back a yr ago and he bent down wrong the other day and he cannot walk! He has not had MRI yet so who knows what is up there for a while.

PS Still in plenty of pain.