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Question about abnormal period


I have had my period for about 5 years and it is usually pretty regular. I can usually tell when it will start because my cycles run between 29-31 days. This last period I had was really weird. It came on day 30 of my cycle, which is normal for me. The first couple of days were just like any other period. Cramps and a pretty heavy red flow. On the 3rd day of my period my flow kind of just stopped. I "bled" a lot of brown blood. But I would say that "bleeding" the brown blood isn't the right word. It wasn't really flowing out of me, it would just stain the pad a very dark color, no red blood at all (I only used a pad a day when this started). Usually (sorry for the imagery), when I use the restroom I can feel or see the blood coming out. But when I started passing brown blood, it was very choppy when it came out a few times. It was almost in flakes. When I wiped I would have dark brown discharge that was very sticky and kind of stringy. Today, which is day 7 of my "period" I am just spotting the usual light brown stuff.

I went to see a nurse here on campus at my school and she said that it was just "old blood." This is something I realize, but it is NOT normal for me at all. Should I be worried? The brown 'bleeding' has lasted as long as a period but I'm still a little concerned. Was this a period or something else?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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