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Question Re: Started on plaquenil

I'm new to Health board, just bumped into it while surfing the net...
I, too, have lichen planopolaris and have been on a generic Plaquenil (200 mg - 2/day) for 9 months now. (...greatest caution being paid to regular eye exams) I have had LPP for probably 27 years, with my first notice of it being about dime sized, and over the years, even through many biopsies, different types of steroid treatments (injections, topicals, Clobex shampoo, and a wide variety of pills, including a session with prednisone) it has continued to get larger. It now is appr 5 inches long and 3 inches wide at the widest.

I now use the Plaquenil, 2/day, Rogaine 5% foam once a day, even though it specifically says women are not to use it, and take a sulfa drug called SMZ-TMP (400-80mg, 2/day) along with applying Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% lotion. I am taking so many meds I'm afraid to walk by an open flame

I would like to communicate with anyone who knows anything about this...especially, what can I expect. My hairdresser is only a beautician, not a magician, and may not be able to help me camoflage my bald spot forever. I do use a cheap trick called 'Tween Time, found at any beauty supply store. It's a colored stick I use like a crayon to cut the smooth shine of the balded area. Then I have my own style of comb over....and most people have no idea there's a huge bald spot under my hairdo.