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Re: question on sids

I agree, though I know what it is like to worry about your child. The PP is right. The worry never ends. Our 16 year old DS works until between midnight and 1 AM at a fast food restaurant on Fridays and Saturdays and I cannot bring myself to get into bed until he is home. We make him call before he leaves and if he is not home within the eight minutes in normally takes, I literally PANIC. There is always something to worry about. Keep in mind however, that SIDS is extremely rare. That statement was made by the AAP. The rates are less than 1 in 1000 for a tummy sleeping newborn. Those drastically low rates drop even further after the age of about four months. I know stats mean nothing if it is your child whom you lose, due to any cause, but worrying needlessly and excessively (and I am including myself in this lesson I need to learn as well) does nothing but rob you of the many joys of parenthood. Our seven year old adopted daughter was our foster child for the almost three years it took to finalize her adoption. She had been with us since birth. DH and I worried constantly that something would happen and someone might come to claim her. Looking back on it now all that worry and stress coming from the fear of losing our child really deprived us of enjoying her infancy and early toddlerhood. Enjoy your baby all you can now and try, hard as it is, not to worry too much. They grow up so fast.