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Re: Age Appropriate Chores, Rules, Allowance...

Originally Posted by PinkPiglet View Post
We have a couple different types of chores in our family. Things like putting away own laundry, making beds and doing dishes is just part of being a family and has nothing to do with having an allowance. It's just something that is done.

Allowance comes in with helping outside with extra chores or helping with vacuuming, dusting, etc.

One way to help with the whining may be to start a chart with say your $2 right at the top. Every time your dd is asked to do something and it's not done right away/or whined about then she loses .10 That way she can see how much she is losing by the attitude that she has.

I agree with the gal that wrote above - consistancy will be the issue. If you don't follow through, neither will she.

Good luck!
Not a bad idea. I tried something similar that didn't work, but it was a marble type system. Maybe if she sees she's actually losing money, she'll change her tune. LOL

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