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From my internet research that the two are different things, though often mistakenly lumped together. I don't quite remember what the difference is between them. Have you looked it up via the I-net?

I have pain in my ribcage when you press on it, and lumps. I also get burning pain from pressure on my right side, from the ribcage to the hip area.

This makes it especially difficult to wear bras and waistbanded clothes. I've resorted to bib overalls and jumpsuit shorts.

I don't know whether to consider what I have chostocondritis, of just myofascial pain syndrome. I don't think anyone else would know either.

From what I've read those two problems cause pain like a heart attack, which my mom who also has fibro has experienced.

Have you talked to your doc? They would probably put you through a bunch of heart tests to rule that out. I didn't have those, but ultrasound of the ribcage, but my mother at 65 had all the heart tests - two different times!!

Good luck - Darlene