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Re: shingles on tongue

Originally Posted by bumble123 View Post

As a baby, i received a chicken pox vaccination. There was a very slight chance i could develop shingles from the vaccination. As luck would have it, i developed shingles, on my tongue. From 7-12 or so, i would get shingles on the tip of my tongue. It would only break out when i was either sick or had prolonged periods of nervousness. My doctor said i would grow out of it in time... after about age 13 i never broke out with shingles anymore. Does this mean i have "grown out of it". I dont know much about shingles, and i was hoping to have some help getting more information from a good source.

Also, if shingles break out on the tongue, does this allow it to be transfered through saliva?

Hi Bumble,

My understanding of Shingles is that it is something that you never grow out of. Shingles comes from the same Herpes Virus that causes the Chicken Pox. Once this form of the Herpes Virus is in your system, it is there to stay. After you have had the Chicken Pox, the virus lies dormant in your system until you come into contact with something that activates it again. I believe that long periods of stress can activate this virus. However, in your particular case, your doctor is probably right about you never having them again. Your young age and the fact that you may have been going through puberty at age 13 may have something to do with that.

My brother suffers from Shingles. Everytime he has had an outbreak, it has always been associated with a period of stress in his life.

Also, from what I understand, Shingles, like Chicken Pox, is contagious only to those people who have never had a case of the Chicken Pox. In which case, they may get the Chicken Pox and not Shingles.

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