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Re: Fentanyl patch tips

Hello All-
First off, I just want to say that I had the BEST luck with the MYLAN fentanyl patches. *They are the ones without the gel inside, unlike the Sandoz and Duragesic* But that's beside the point. I was on Mylan until my insurance changed and required me to be on the Duragesic, even then I used something called TEGADERM by 3M. They are the smaller ones, measuring 6cm X 7cm (2 3/8in X 2 3/4in). I used these to make sure my patches didn't get wet, they didn't get snagged on clothing, fall off, and to allow me to swim and shower daily for more than just a few minutes. Most pharmacies carry these and they are priced pretty fairly. But now that I am on the Duragesic brand, my main reason of using these is just because the damn things don't stick. I absolutely hate these! Something else, I don't think my body absorbs the fentanyl as well through these as it did the Mylan patches. Does anyone else find any of this to be true?

If anyone is on the Duragesics, you can call and request for the "overlay dressing" which is nothing more than BIOCLUSIVE from Johnson&Johnson. They are completely free, you pay nothing. Not even shipping. But, you have to tell them you have absolutely NO itching or redness under the patches now, and that you've tried tape. They don't send them unless you've tried every last possible thing. When and if you get them, they come in a box that is delivered to your door, and there is #50 of them. Their measurements are 10.2cm X 12.7cm (4in X 5in).


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