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Long time feeling down

I've been a member for awhile. This is my first post. Not sure what catagory to file it under. I'm a male 40 years old. I've been ill since January 06. This is quite a lot to write. I have always been a healthy person. Exercising for 27 years with weight training and running. Last January my hearing went out in my left ear. Total blockage after a sore throat which returned back to normal after three months. In March 06 I started to feel palpatations, and tachycardia with my heart. I had a stress echo heart test in May 06. The results were excellent: "The patient exercised using the advanced Bruce protocol to 12 min, 15 METS. The study was terminated because of fatigue. No symptoms of stress. No arrhythmia with stress. Blood pressure response normal. Negative stress ECG. Excellent fuctional capacity. Normal stress echocardiogram. LV ejection fraction 62%."

A few months went buy with continued palpatations. I had a halter monitor and a life watch monitor which I wore for a month. I was diagnosed with benign PVC's and PAC's. In September 06, I started to feel extreme headaches, neck pain, ear ringing (tinnitus) and popping in ears every time I swallow. On Oct. 29, 06 I went to the ER after 6 weeks straight of daily painfull headaches. A CT scan of the brain was done which was normal. I was referred over to an ENT specialist. He ordered a CT scan of the paranasal and mastoid sinuses. The CT scan showed some nasal polyps and some inflamation of the Mastoid. It also revealed a bulging pituitary gland. The ENT doctor said the polyps and inflamation wasn't serious but the pituitary gland needed to be evaluated futher.

I had an MRI of the brain and the cervical (neck) in early December 06.
The MRI of the brain showed that I have a pituitary tumor above the pituitary gland under the optic chiasm. The cervical MRI showed that I have degenerative disc disease C6-7, which has a broad disc/osteophyte protrusion causing a moderate narrowing and distortion of the C7 nerve root sleeve. I have been to two nerosurgeons who claim that the pituitary tumor is non-fuctioning, sort of like a cyst. My options with the neck are PT, epidural injections, or surgery fusion. I was told by both neurosurgeons that the neck problem, or the pituitary tumor wouldn't cause ringing ears, headaches, palpatations, and rapid heart rate (tachycardia).

During the past year I had major blood workup. Everything has been normal except for the hemoglobin,and hematocrit being high. I am now working with a hematologist. He is leaning towards a disease called Polycythemia Vera, thick blood. This disease of the blood would have changes in the red blood cells and white blood cells, and mine are normal. My spleen is also not enlarged which is another characteristic of PV. In the past year I experience rapid heart rate and feelings of dizziness and confusion. Also shortness of breath. My heart rate is consistently in the high 90's to 140 range. This past Monday my heart rate was between 110 and 130 just sitting around watching TV. After 3 hours of this I went to the ER and was admitted. On Tuesday I had a nuclear heart stress test. Looking for blockages in the arteries. The result was negative normal heart function. I was giving valium and released. Here's my problem with all of this. I can't get an answer for the continueous ear ringing,headaches,rapid heart rate, palpatations, ect. Sure one can say panic attacks, but is it possible to have a panic attack 24/7 for an entire year and counting? I feel horribly tired, with all the symptoms that I have mentioned every day. I'm losing my bearings trying to figure this whole thing out. Does anybody out there have any ideas or expierence with any of this? I've spent a small fortune on all of the medical procedures. I can't find a doctor to help or understand.

I am terribly desperate and frustrated. Please respond if you can help me. I've always found comfort reading other posts.

Thank You All

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