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Looking for Answers

Hi im new to the board and looking for some advice.I have 3 daughters,my youngest lady is 8yrs old and has a diagnosis of ADHD and ODD since she was 4.Recently she has been refered for an assessment for AS as her psycologist and myself feel she is showing some autistic traits,but therapists involved in assessment say they are reluctant to diagnose her as they dont want to add another label to my child,tey werent interested in her birth history or any developmental delay.
I will list some of my concerns and i hope someone here can offer advice.

1.Loves routine and gets quiete disstressed when change occurs(eg if a sub teacher in school she refuses to enter classroom)

2.Gets very distressed when having hair washed and nails cut.

3.Has obbsessive behaviours eg.(sugar has to be placed in centre on top of ceral and milk has to be poured round the edge and cannot touch the sugar,seam on toe of her stockings has to be straight and will repeatedly remove shoes to check this.

4.Plays alone in schoolyard and wont interact with peers,has poor eye contact.

5.Hates loud noises and crowds and covers her ears,is over anxious.

6.Has urealistic fears and suffers night terrors.

My dd is due to have the final part of her assessment soon but i dont hold much hope of getting any answers.
Am i right to be concerned or am i taking to much notice of her behaviour which is what doc is telling me.
Any advice is gladly welcomed,I am so worried about her.

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