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Re: Please give your opinions on stress incontinence, questions, etc. Thanks.

Hi Dumbunn,

I do not have stress incontinence, I have urge incontinence. I am 56 and had a combination total hysterectomy and bladder sling, because of bladder and uterus prolapse. It was in July 2006. I do not think that the sling part of the operation "took". I mean it is still up pretty high, I think. But, I have had urinary troubles every since. I changed urologist after the end of 2006, because I think that my old urologist just did not do the job (operation) well enuf!

I am down to the part, where there is only one more test that can be done. And that one costs $1,000. So, I am waiting til my 1st operation has been done 1 year ago. And til my $5,000 deductible has been achieved.

About the only thing, that might possibly be wrong is Interstitial Bladder (I think that there is a better name for this). And I do not think there is a really good cure or medicines for this!

So, I am trying Enablex and try to do exercises to reinforce my holding of urine. I do have to wear pads and go to the toilet about 1 x hour.

After this lengthy post, I do hope you decide on what is best for you, but I would try a med from the urologist first and strengthening you muscles - down there.

Take care.