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well she is still hanging in there she is at home. i just feel she is sitting waiting for death she does not get ready all day and just sits on the settee all day or in bed . she is taking 40 mg morphine in morning and night orahmorph when needed and paracetamol and ibrufufen throughout the day. but she still experiences quite bad pain sometimesd through the day but most at night why? she also is hardly eating she wants too but is vomiting quite a lot anyone relate to this? her pain started in lower back of lung gradually worked its way to top back of lung area but now it is front breast area the consultant says it is cos the diease engulfs the lung gradually and she may start to need oxygen but thats the strange thing she hasw never had any problem with breathing at all why if it sufforcates the lung is this. she keeps saying she wishes it was all over as she is sick of feeling so bad.