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Re: Please Help?!?!

Lindsey, lots of us know how tough it is to be undiagnosed for a long time - try to avoid getting stressed out about it (easier said than done, but practice relaxing).
They seem to be hunting for neurological problems. Do you know the results of your MRIs and LP? The next test could be a clue. If it is an EK-something that sounds like they might be looking for something other than MS. If it is evoked potentials they may be looking for MS. Either way, try to be patient, they seem to be agressively looking for answers.
The virus thing, there was discussion on this board a while back about a theory that the Guillian Barre' (sp?) virus may be linked to MS - it is the virus that apparently causes mononucleosis. That's only a theory, though. I believe the syndrome (that they have ruled out for you) is a more agressive attack by the same virus.
Hope this helps!