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Re: Help Please Help :'[

At frist glance it make me think she has an ED. Before you title her with anorexia and bulimia see if there is something stressing her out. When I get stressed or deeply upset I can't eat. Having your nerves out of wack can reek havoc on the body.
If I do I feel ill and the one cracker that I just swallowed feels like 3 lbs in my belly. I was like that a couple years ago. The only thing I could keep down was Ensure. It was rough at first I didn't want it had no desire for it or anything. Wasn't hungry at all even though it had been a week since I ate. Trying to keep it down was hard but I had to cause I was so weak. I was like for for 2 weeks before my life was back on track. Once my life was back in line my desire for food came back too.
I had my ED from the age of 19 -24 I am 38 now I always had marks on my hands from putting my fingers down my throat. My teeth would leave marks. I constantly
had to brush my teeth thinking that my breath smelled like bile. I had marks on the sides of my mouth from straining so hard to vomit. My throat was sore from using the end of a tooth brush to make me vomit. I took alot of showers so that the running water would hide the noise of me throwing up. I exercised like a mad person and was constantly checking myself in the mirror.
Do you notice her having any of the signs above?