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Re: cervicle disc deterioration C6 leg pain no answers please help

Originally Posted by mistybliss27 View Post
I am 27 yr old felmale with cervicle disc deterioration.I am suffering with left arm pain and leg pain(Nero) doctor say the leg pain is not related That I need to follow up with my regular doctor who says my labs look fine and my muscle test do to. I am in pain it almost feels like my veins hurt.I know it sounds strange.Iam am going crazy and want answers. I know I am having leg pain but dont know the cause need some advice on what to do next what test to ask to have done. is it my neck causing this pain and the nero doc is wrong??? I have gone to the ER several times and they just send me home.

please help

Hi Misty, Have you had an recent MRI of your neck? I have daily leg problems/pains due to my c5-c6 cord compression..Is your herniated/deteriorated disc compressing your cord? If so, my guess is that could very well be the reason for your leg pain.

Before my herniated disc started compressing my cord my pain was localized in the neck and arm...since i had an injury that caused my herniated disc to compress the cord, i have had pain in virtually every part of my body, including legs...My neuro says neck cord compression can cause leg problems...

Good luck and let me know!